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Together for Camp

What’s your favourite camp activity? Maybe you like sports days, arts & crafts, or talent show! You’re invited to take up a personal challenge to show off your Camp Quality spirit and raise funds for CQ’s brand new “Camp In” camp-at-home program.

Participating is easy!

  1. Choose your challenge - check out our suggestions or choose your own!

  2. Choose your duration – will your challenge be completed in 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month?

  3. Register (it’s free!) - invite friends & family to sponsor your challenge, and share your progress and success on social media!

  4. Bonus step: challenge a friend to join too!


Together for Camp is about using a personal challenge to share our favourite parts of camp, build up the Camp Quality community, and bring smiles to kids across Canada.

All proceeds will support CQ’s “Camp In” camp-at-home program, bringing camp magic to 500 kids aged 0-18 in their own homes across Canada during social distancing this year. Featuring mail-out kits and virtual content, Camp-In brings the togetherness, fun, and community of camp to kids at home, since we can’t all be together this summer.


Join us and let’s see what we can do, Together for Camp! 


WHAT: A personal challenge in support of Camp Quality!

WHERE: Wherever you are! Take part while social-distancing

WHEN: Throughout the month of May 2020

WHY: To raise funds to support kids living with cancer and blood disorders through the magic of camp!

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