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We are a national charitable organization devoted to providing free camp experiences and year-round programming for children with cancer and blood disorders.

Camp Quality is a volunteer-led, charitable organization that strives to support the whole family through fun camp adventures.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Do anything, Be anything, Achieve everything.

About CQ

Camp Quality provides inclusive-year round programs for children with cancer and blood disorders that support the whole family through fun camp adventures.

We believe the joy of camp and the healing power of laughter bring strength to families and children living with childhood cancer and blood disorders.

Our Values 

Our Story
Camp Quality's values are growth, optimism, commitment, inclusivity, community and accountability.

Our Story

Camp Quality Canada is part of an international family of organizations originally founded in Australia in 1983 by Vera Entwistle. Vera’s mission was to provide a program to support children with cancer and their families, an area not being addressed by any other organization. Different groups with the Camp Quality name now run programs in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK, and Hong Kong. The largest of which is still the original Australian Camp Quality.

Camp Quality was brought to Canada in 1988. It was initiated by a group of dedicated volunteers in Southern Ontario with the first camp being held in Priceville, Ontario.  We began programming in 1988 but were officially recognized on October 19, 1990. Since then, we have expanded to seven camp locations across Canada, and we continue to grow in numbers each year.

While Vera was trying to come up with a name for her new camp, a doctor said to her, “No one can do anything about the quantity of life, but we all can do something about the quality.” This continues to represent the spirit of our camp – providing quality time, with the best people, through a strong and established program.

The History of CQ Canada

Smiling kid with glasses and a hat

All of us at Camp Quality Canada are committed to supporting each family as they face their own unique journey with childhood cancer. By delivering meaningful social, and recreational programming for kids, parents, and the community, we don’t only help kids, but their families as well. At Camp Quality, our campers have the opportunity to be kids in an environment where they are supported medically and emotionally — all thanks to our amazing volunteers!

Since the first camp was established in 1988, Camp Quality has been expanding across Canada to serve more kids affected by childhood cancer. Here are our camps and programs, and the years that they were founded:

CQ Southern Ontario, 1988

CQ Northern Ontario, 1992

CQ Alberta, 1998

CQ Eastern Ontario, 2000

CQ Northwestern Ontario, 2002

CQ Manitoba, 2004

New Heights Teen Camp, 2007

Breaking Borders, 2013

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