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Our Impact

With more kids diagnosed with cancer surviving, the childhood cancer survivor population in Canada is growing. Camp Quality is here to provide support for children diagnosed with cancer and their families.

At Camp Quality, our goal is to help kids with cancer and their siblings:

  • Develop a positive self-identity by taking on challenges and trying new things

  • Build independence by helping kids foster a sense of adventure and exploration

  • Build social skills through opportunities to interact and connect with other children with similar experiences to them

  • Build resilience and strength by encouraging kids to push their comfort zones

Two smiling campers and one smiling volunteer wearing grey CQ sweatshirts and CQ lanyards

In 2022, we provided:

272 Total Program Experiences

to 219 participants (including parents and caregivers)

Program statistics

(including Camp-at-Home)


We asked Parents & Caregivers How Camp Impacted Their Children


said CQ improved their

child's self-esteem.


said CQ improved their

child's independence.


said CQ improved their

child's social skills.

'Round the Campfire

Hear about Camp Quality's impact right from our camper families. 


Camper in water

Click here to read Malleck's story.

Annual Reports and Financial Statements


The funds we raise support our camps and year-round programming. 

2021 Annual Report

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