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Summer staff

Join Our Team
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We're hiring for our 2024 Summer Travel Team!

As part of our dedicated seasonal camp staff, you'll travel from camp to camp, providing support to regional programs and our Camp Organizing Committees. Beyond the thrill of outdoor adventures in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, you'll have the unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on our campers' lives.

Working at Camp Quality

What sets us apart? Besides taking care of travel, room, and board, our Travel Team offers more than just a summer job—it's a chance for personal and professional growth. Joining our team means building skills like leadership and teamwork in a diverse camp setting. 

Work & Play Outdoors

You'll spend the summer outdoors connecting and building community in nature!

Grow as a Leader

You'll get to grow your leadership skills and build self-confidence. Receiving feedback for positive personal and professional growth!

Explore Canada

Being a part of the team is a great way to explore parts of Canada you may have never seen before! Week-to-week is a new site and landscape.

Lifelong Friends

You'll create meaningful life-long relationships in a positive and supportive environment! Spending the summer laughing and creating memories!

Professional Support

We'll watch you grow and learn in your role! We'll help mentor you and provide a letter of recommendation after the summer. 

Boost Your Resume

Your experiences at CQ will help make your resume stand out! Teamwork, relationship-building, responsibility, empathy, leadership and more!


Summer Travel Team Opportunities

Join the team for a summer filled with friendship, fun and growth. It's not just a summer job; it's an adventure!

Aquatics Specialist, Camp Quality Canada

(Based out of Toronto)

Camper Support Specialist, Camp Quality Canada

(Based out of Thunder Bay)

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