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Our Reports


We asked Parents & Caregivers How Camp Impacted Their Children. In 2023 we found:

% is calculated by those who report "agree" and "strongly agree" on each of the statements. 


said CQ improved their camper's independence


said CQ improved their

child's self-esteem.


said their camper made a new friend


said their camper felt accepted and understood at CQ

When asked about the power and magic of camp, parents and caregivers told us:

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my two boys feels safe and let them be them"

"Camp Quality has provided a wonderful environment for the kids to share with others who have gone through similar experiences and their siblings, it helps them gain confidence, self esteem and take on new challenges or leaning new skills while providing peace of mind to the parents as there is staff and volunteers that ensure their safety and medical needs are covered. Thank you all!"

"My child loves camp quality and everything it has to offer. The 1/1 time with special friends, friendships made with kids who went through similar experiences, the medically safe environment that allows kids to attend, all the special experiences they get to do is always so fun. My child has the best time at camp quality."


Reports and Financial Statements


The funds we raise support our camps and year-round programming. 

2021 Annual Report

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