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Your 2022 Back to Camp Questions Answered

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Volunteer Eligibility


Who Is eligible to apply as a volunteer for the 2022 Summer Camp Season?

  • At least 18 years of age.

  • Able to provide 2 character references (New Volunteers).

  • Available for an interview (New Volunteers).


Applicants will be notified by their Regional Volunteer Coordinator if they will be confirmed for camp. Successful applicants will need to provide proof of: 

  • Able to provide a Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening.

  • NEW! Are fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

  • A TB skin test 


Volunteer Application Process

Camp Quality will be opening our registration for in-person programs at a reduced capacity for Summer 2022. Our intent is to make more spaces available, based on guidance from our Medical Advisory Committee and Public Health. 


You will receive notification that you have been registered. A notification of registration does not mean that your volunteer application has been approved. Volunteers must successfully complete all screening steps to be confirmed for camp.

How do I know if I am approved for camp?


New Volunteers: 

Upon successful completion of an application, interview, references and criminal background check. A Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to indicate if you will be attending camp this summer. 

Once you are approved for summer, New Volunteers will need to sign-in to CampDoc to complete new Health Forms for camp. (These forms only show-up after approval). 

Returning Volunteers: 


Upon successful completion of an application and criminal background check. A Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to indicate if you will be attending camp this summer. 


Once you are approved for summer, Returning Volunteers will need to sign-in to CampDoc to complete Health Forms for camp. (These forms only show-up after approval). 

With potential capacity limits this summer our teams may not be able to accept all successful applications. 

Yes, your regional Volunteer Coordinator or Medical Coordinator will let you know if they are missing anything from you. Additionally, you may receive automated reminders from CampDoc (our online registration system) in the lead-up to camp. You will know your application is complete when the Health Profile is at 100%.

Program Updates


How will Camp Quality operate in compliance with guidelines and best practices to mitigate COVID-19 at camp?

Camp Quality will be diligently following guidance from the Provincial Governments, local Public Health Units and Camping Associations. Our staff and volunteers will be completing additional training on our COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safest possible environment for our campers. We will continue to monitor and consider a number of different measures including capacity, community infection rates, new variants, and new mandates. Camp Quality will review our policies and procedures through the spring and summer to stay in compliance and will communicate any changes as early as possible.

How will the CQ program look different than in past summers ?

There will be new measures to ensure a safe experience at camp. This includes adaptations around our typical camp program structure. You can expect that some of the following protocols will be in place for your camp session.


At camp, everyone will be required to wear a mask and observe physical distance during designated times in indoor spaces and when physical distance outdoors cannot be maintained.


Campers and volunteers will participate in COVID-19 screening and testing, when required, and will be asked to actively self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms.


Campers and Volunteers may be assigned to a cohort for the duration of their camp week. A camp cohort will be a designated group of campers and volunteers that share the same dorm/ cabin space, maintaining the same members for the entirety of the week. Small group activities for cohorts will be planned throughout the week. If large group activities occur, each camp cohort will maintain physical distancing from other cohorts. Outdoor programming will be the primary focus of our 2022 programs.


Mealtimes may include a mix of outdoor and indoor dining, maintaining distance for camp cohorts. We will communicate with you more about dining expectations closer to the summer so you can prepare your camper.


In addition to these protocols, we will have increased cleaning and disinfection measures in place at camp.

What will arrival and departure look like at camp?

Our arrival and departure protocols may look different for Summer 2022. As Public Health protocols are subject to change, we will communicate more details closer to the start of your camp week.

How will I remember all of these changes?

  • We’ve got you! A simple way for us all to remember the CQ COVID protocols is the 2 out of 3 rule. You must always being doing 2 of the 3 following things:

  • Wearing a mask;

  • Be physically distanced (6 ft/ 2m apart);

  • Be outside.


We’ll also have helpful signs around camp to remind everyone!

We aren’t comfortable with returning to camp yet, do you have other CQ programs available?

Yes! You can join us for Camp-at-Home 3.0!!! Campers from all regions can participate in our virtual summer camp program from July 26-29, 2022. Additionally, we will be offering single day virtual programs through the spring and summer.


Safety Protocols

Are volunteers required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to attend 2022 in-person Programs?

Yes, all volunteers who have been confirmed for camp must receive a full series of vaccines a minimum of two weeks prior to attending their camp session. Families will be required to upload copies of their vaccination into their CampDoc electronic health record. Questions about our vaccination policy can be sent Lauren Burke, Sr. Director of Programs, Camp Quality Canada.

Am I required to have any other vaccinations or tests to attend camp?

  • In preparation for a return to camp, there are a few things all of us need to do in order to keep campers, and each other safe. As per CQ’s new immunization policy; in order to protect everyone at camp, all Volunteers must have the following full immunizations as per provincial vaccination schedule, or are beginning immunizations as part of a catch-up schedule:

  • MMR OR Proof of Antibodies to MMR

  • Varicella OR Previous History of Chickenpox OR Proof of Antibodies to Varicella

  • Pertussis containing vaccine; ex. DTaP (one dose at minimum based on eligibility)

  • COVID-19


Additionally, all volunteers will be required to have a baseline 2-step TB test. Anyone with a 2-step TB test greater than 5 years old will require a 1-step.​

What are Camp Quality’s COVID-19 Testing requirements?

Camp Quality will have COVID-19 testing requirements in place for our campers and volunteers. As Public Health guidance is subject to change before your session, testing requirements will be communicated to you closer to the start of your camp session.

What are Camp Quality’s Mask requirements?

At this time, Camp Quality will require all participants to wear masks. This is subject to change as public health guidelines change in the lead-up to camp.


  • Masks will be required indoors, unless the participant is:

  • Is eating or drinking; or taking medication

  • In their own accommodation (with their cohort);

Masks are not required outdoors or when traveling outdoors between activities. However cohorts must maintain a distance of at least 2 meters.


Camp Quality will have masks available for all campers, however we will encourage families to send a designated number of masks with their campers in their luggage. This will be part of the packing list you receive closer to camp. Your packing list will also include a list of the types of masks approved by Camp Quality.

What happens if someone shows symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while at camp?

If someone shows symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while at camp they will immediately be separated and isolated in a designated space for COVID-19 cases, that is separate from the regular health facilities until they can go home.

What if someone tests positive for COVID-19 while at Camp Quality?

If a participant tests positive for COVID-19 while at camp, the individual will continue to be separated and isolated in a designated space for COVID-19 cases that are separate from our regular health facilities. Our

medical teams will continue to monitor their symptoms using all the appropriate precautions, while we create a departure plan. No participants will be permitted to complete their isolation requirements at camp. The cohort which the individual was a part of will further distance from other cohorts at camp. We will report to our local Public Health unit and follow their guidance.


At any time, Camp Quality may make the decision to close a camp due to an outbreak of COVID-19. Parents/ Caregivers will be required to pick their campers up from camp in this case.

When will more detailed information become available?

While mandates and public health guidelines are constantly changing, Camp Quality will communicate any changes or further information as soon as possible. We appreciate your understanding as we work to redesign our programs and offer a safe experience for all campers in compliance with our accrediting bodies.


TB Testing

What is TB?

What is TB?

Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacteria that usually attacks the lungs, but can also affect any other parts of the body. Tuberculosis can either be active, or latent disease. 

Latent TB means that you have the TB bacteria in your body, but your immune system is keeping it from turning into active TB. This means you do not have any symptoms, and can not spread it to others. Latent TB can become active TB.

Active TB means that you have TB bacteria that is growing and causing symptoms. If the lungs are affected, it can be easily spread to others. If left untreated, TB disease can be fatal. 

Why is it important?

  • Not everyone who has latent TB will develop disease. Some people are more at risk of TB than others, including those with weakened immune systems, those who live and work in close quarters (especially with someone who may have active TB). 

What does this mean for me?

All Camp Quality volunteers and staff will require TB testing before participating in in-person programming. A TB skin test is not a vaccine. TB testing is a skin test, where TB antigens will be injected under the skin of your forearm. If you have TB bacteria in your body, a red bump will appear on your skin within a few days of where you received the injection.


All staff and volunteers will require a baseline 2-step TB test. If you have had this done in the past, you may upload your documentation into CampDoc. 

IF your 2-step TB test is older than 5 years, you will also need a 1-step TB test. 

Every subsequent year you attend camp, you will complete a TB health screening, which will assess for active TB symptoms. 

What is the difference between a 2-step and a 1-step? 

A 2-step TB test means going to a doctors office for a skin injection, and have it read 48-72 hours after injection. Then after waiting 1-3 weeks, you will return to your doctor's office for a second injection, and a reading 48-72 hours after. A 2 step requires that you see your doctor a total of 4 times. 


A 2-step is typically required once in someone’s lifetime. You are encouraged to save your original documentation for any future volunteer or paid opportunities in or outside of Camp Quality. 

What if my TB test is positive?

Some people may test positive on a TB skin test, but this does not mean that you necessarily have active TB. If you test positive, you will need to see your family doctor and request a chest x-ray. You will need to submit results of your chest x-ray to CampDoc, where they will be considered valid for 5 years. 


Though not common in Canada, some people may have had a TB vaccine, called bacille calmette-guerin, or BCG. If this is the case, you may also upload your proof to CampDoc. You may connect with Samantha to see about the need for TB testing. 

What if I have latent TB?

If you have been told you have latent TB and have not been treated, you may still come to camp, given all the required documentation is on file. You must present to the health centre with any change in health status consistent with symptoms of TB (ex. Persistent cough, etc).

Does it cost money?

The TB skin test and its reading can cost money, and is not covered by provincial health care plans. The cost of testing varies by practitioner office, and could be $20-$60. Successful volunteer applicants can indicate whether they would like information on reimbursement. If Yes and confirmed for camp, your Regional Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact. 

Finding My Immunizations 


Where can I find this information? 

Your personal immunization history can be in one of multiple places:

  1. Your immunization card 

  2. Contact the public health unit where you were immunized

  3. Connect with schools, doctors offices or clinics where you may have been immunized, or have been required to submit immunizations.

  4. Ask your family doctor for blood titres; a form of bloodwork, for: varicella, MMR, and DTap

  5. Note: if you have had chicken pox in the past, we would ask for truthful approximate date(s) of illness. Proof not required, though strongly encouraged via blood titres for the safety of our campers. 


You may want to consider registering for CANImmunize, a free app which helps Canadian’s keep track of immunizations, and helps keep you vaccinated on time. Find more info HERE