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DIY Camp Dice

Safety First! Make sure to tell your caregiver what activity your starting! Wash your hands and ask for help when needed! Materials Needed

What to Do

  1. Print out the die template. Alternatively, you can draw the template onto a piece of paper.

  2. Cut out the template or cut out your die drawing.

  3. Construct your die

  4. Roll!


  1. Fold along each of the black lines with the blank part of the die facing inwards

  2. Line panels B and C with glue

  3. Seal panel B along the top of the Dance Party square

  4. Seal panel C along the top of the A&C square (Dance Party and A&C will be attached to the Roller's Choice square now)

  5. Line panels D,E,F, and G with glue

  6. Fold up panel D to the bottom of the Dance Party square and panel E to the bottom of the A&C Square

  7. Line panel A with glue and fold Read a book inwards

  8. Glue panel F to the Dance Party square and panel G to the A&C square

  9. Press Read a book into panel A to seal the die

Let’s see your creation! Show us what you’ve created by tagging us on social media using the tag #CQCampIn or emailing us at Happy Crafting!

Your Friends at CQ.


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