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Straw Rockets


Make sure to wash your hands before starting the project. And remember to HAVE FUN!

Materials Needed
  • Straws

  • Tape or glue dots

  • Plastic pipettes (or straws with a larger diameter than the other set of straws)

  • Markers, crayons, or coloured pencils

  • Scissors

  • Free rocket template (

What to Do
  1. Gather all your materials

  2. Print out the free rocket template – colour the rockets and cut them out

  3. Cut the bottom off the plastic pipette and attach it to the back of the rocket using tape or glue dots – if you don’t have plastic pipettes use a straw instead (make sure the straw is larger than the straw you will be using for launching)

  4. Cut the straw to fit the length of the rocket and tape one end shut so it’s completely sealed. Attach it to your rocket with glue dots or tape.

  5. Slip the straw into the pipette (or larger straw) and you’re ready to launch!

  6. Give your straw a big puff of air and watch it launch!

Let’s see your creation! Show us what you’ve created by tagging us on social media using the tag #CQCampIn or emailing us at Happy Crafting!

Your Friends at CQ.


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