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CQ Holiday Cards

Safety First! Make sure to tell your caregiver what activity your starting! And remember to ask for help if needed! Materials Needed

Previews of Postcards:

What to Do

  1. Gather all your materials

  2. Set up your station in an area that can get messy

  3. Print the CQ Printable Post Card Downloads

  4. Colour in your favourite cards however you'd like!

  5. With an adult cut out your post card along the dotted lines.

  6. Fold the card in half.

  7. Open the card and on the blank side put glue.

  8. Fold back together so the two parts stick together.

  9. Use your hand to press down on the card and smooth.

  10. Write your message!

  11. Send to your camp friend or companion!

Let’s see your creation! Show us what you’ve created by tagging us on social media using the tag #CQCampIn or emailing us at

Don't feel like colouring in your design? We've got a special CQ Holiday Card here

you can print!

Happy Crafting!

Your Friends at CQ.


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