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Make Your Move!

Safety First! Make sure to tell your caregiver what activity your starting and ask for help when needed!

What to Do

For todays activity we're movin' & groovin' with our camp friends at GoNoodle to stay active!

In the first video we are movin': Frozen II: Make Your Move - when you see a character moving, move along with them! When you see a character freeze, FREEZE! Copy their actions!

In the second video we are groovin': Follow along with the dancers & Yeti to learn a dance 'Do the Yeti' from Small Foot! Once you've practiced show or teach a family member in-person or a friend over Zoom!

Let’s see your dance! Show us by tagging us on social media using the tag #CQCampIn or emailing us at Happy Dancing!

Your Friends at CQ.


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